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Athletic Training Taping Techniques

Welcome to How I Tape Athletes!

Shown are videos and pictures of different taping techniques. These are not the only way to tape an athlete but are the most commom methods that I use in the athletic training room on a daily basis.

  Ankle Taping 
The following two videos, Ankle Taping part 1 and 2, demonstrate the basic taping technique that I use on athletes. 

The first video shows the preparation including pre-wrap, anchor strips, stirrups and horseshoes.

The second video shows the four heel locks and one figure eight, taped in a continuous manner, followed by your closing strips.

Note: for added support two figure eights can be applied

Video Ankle Taping part 1

Video Ankle Taping part 2


Wrist and Hand Taping

Buddy Taping


Simple Wrist Taping


Wrist Taping with Hand Support


Thumb Spica



National Athletic Trainers' Association Website


Meredith Atwood MS, ATC, LAT is a nationally Certified Athletic Trainer licensed in both the State of Georgia and Tennessee.  Meredith has been a practicing athletic trainer since 2003 and currently provides sports medicine care to the athletic teams at Covenant College located on Lookout Mountain, GA.